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Within the FIRST 30 days of starting with The Fitt Cycle app you will see MAJOR results in your midsection, increase your energy levels, and reveal muscle definition you never thought possible!

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What They're Saying

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Tiffany P.

"I am a mom of 3 kids. Before TFC I was tired, crabby and very unhappy with my appearance. The Fitt Cycle has given me my confidence back, I’m not tired anymore and I’m just all around happier! My favorite day is leg day! I love the diversity of The Fitt Cycle and all the amazing women and their support."

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Ashleigh K.

"I have celebrated so many victories with The FITT Cycle and found my smile again through all of it! I’ll never again consider going on a diet or giving up the foods I love. I will however enjoy more time around the dinner table with my husband, family and friends without guilt or punishing myself. I’m HAPPY and HEALTHY now!"

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5 Star Review

"This app has EVERYTHING! I have spent thousand’s of dollars on trainers, and fitness coaches. This app is a one stop shop at a very good price point. You not only get workouts, but also your macros calculated. This is a no brainer, wish I had this years ago!"

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5 Star Review

"This app has everything you need and more for all your fitness and health goals. Exercises. Recipes. Macro counter. Intermittent fasting windows easily visible. Makes the lifestyle change even easier. Started this program in June and the progress I saw was unbelievable!!"



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  • Do you wake up every morning wondering where those 5 - 10 extra pounds came from?
  • Are you at a loss for how to lose weight and tone up?
  • Do you constantly set your alarm each Sunday night with intentions to workout in the morning, just to wake up and hit snooze, because you’re SO TIRED?
  • Do you want a plan that is simple to follow and fits into YOU and your FAMILY’S life?
  • Are you looking for a sustainable lifestyle that helps you feel in control again?

If you said yes to any of those above, then you need The Fitt Cycle app. It was made for YOU!

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Daily Dashboard

Quickly access your daily workout, macro recommendations and recipes.

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Personalized Workouts

Follow a personalized workout schedule. Just press play when you're ready to sweat and The Fitt Cycle takes care of the rest.

  • 4 Strength Training Days
  • 2 Cardio/Interval Days
  • At-home or Gym versions of all workouts

Searchable Recipes

New easy-to-access Carb Cycling and Macro friendly recipes added each month.

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NEW! Guided workout experience

Just press start to sweat! No thinking needed! Let the app guide you through the entire workout.

Social Network & Accountability

Use our social network to post, connect, discover and follow other FITT friends.

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Fasting Intervals

Fasting Intervals is just what it sounds like. You will have intervals throughout The FITT Cycle, where you will be considered in a “Fasting Interval” which is a SMALL window of time, where you allow your body rest from insulin production.

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Targeted Training

With The FITT Cycle, we will be strategically matching our workouts with our nutrition. We do this because of the way your body metabolizes and stores Macro Nutrients.

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Macro Counting

Being sure your'e eating the right major nutrients to ensure MUSCLE GROWTH and to promote FAT LOSS ultimately limiting fat gain.

What Will You Gain From The #1 Wellness App?

With this program, we will be focused on the unique The Fitt Cycle Method which takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to fitness. We combine proprietary nutrient timing and intermittent fasting protocols, macro management and carb cycling, compound workouts focused on muscle hypertrophy and toning, along with fat burning.

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Increase in energy, sleep quality, endurance, balance, and strength

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Tools to repair your damaged metabolism and stabilize hormones

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Decrease in bloating and inflammation by eating real, whole foods

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Increase in knowledge on hot health and wellness related topics

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Smaller waistline and increase muscle tone

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Empowerment to meal plan/prep appropriately and efficiently to meet you and your family’s needs

With The Fitt Cycle app we will focus on maintaining and/or gaining lean muscle mass while simultaneously turning your body into a fat burning machine! We will do this by maximizing our nutrition, to strategically match our daily workouts.



Is this app for you?

Whether you're a busy #bossbabe, a super mom that slays, or a hustlin' student, I have the perfect plan for YOU!! Join THOUSANDS of women who are on a journey just like YOU!

  • This app is for babes who have TRIED EVERYTHING and are tired of dieting and ready to continue with something sustainable

  • Individuals who are TIRED of program hopping from fad to fad

  • Women who are ready for a LIFESTYLE change

  • Women who are EAGER TO LEARN about how to fuel their bodies without gaining weight, various health related topics that affect your fat loss, hormones, energy levels and overall quality of life, this membership is for you


What Makes Lindsay Different?


Hey, I'm Lindsay! I understand how navigating through the terminology in the health and wellness industry can be tough! Even for a professional.

I left my career as a Registered Nurse to start a new journey in healthcare, helping people transform their lives. My life as a nurse has given me the ability to truly understand your health history and apply my nutritional strategies to ensure you achieve your goals!

Further to my Bachelor degree, I'm constantly investing in myself to continue my education so that I can be sure to bring YOU the most up-to-date information. 

With The Fitt Cycle, it's my main mission to equip you with all the tools you need to ditch the quick fixes and create a sustainable lifestyle. This means fitting the program and strategies into YOUR schedule… not the other way around.

The diet you just tried… will be the last one you EVER do!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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