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Uncategorized Jul 02, 2020
Athleisure Gift Guide v2.png

OK LADIES!!! Be SURE to book mark this blog and email it to your husbands because I am sharing the ULTIMATE Athleisure gift guide with you!! You know me, I am ALWAYS in athletic wear, even when I’m running errands around town or just lounging around the house getting shiz done. 99% of the athleisure I own is from Zyia Active because their quality OUT DOES the price point!! I workout in these clothes, wash them after each wear AND dry them and every time I take them out of my drawer they are good as new.

So if you are looking to buy some new athletic gear to help motivate you in the new year… THESE ARE MY FAVORITE PIECES and the ones I don’t have are on my wish list!!

Just click the link below to be taken directly to the page and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Coral ALL-Star Bra - hands down best bra we have for SUPPORT

Poppy Whistler Jacket - so perfect for wearing to the gym on a crisp morning!

Black Whistler Jacket - Same as the Poppy and literally goes with every!

Poppy Oh So Soft Sweatshirt - just came back in stock yesterday after selling out twice already! Hurry and get your hands on this blush sweatshirt before they’re all gone!

Black pocket light ‘n tight capri - Also a best seller and sells out EVERY time they come back in stock! just restocked yesterday!! Our Light ‘n Tight line of leggings feel like BUTTER when you’re wearing them and pass the SQUAT test!! They are also high waisted so hug everything in!

Wine pocket light ‘n tight capri - I am OBSESSED with this color… and again… the light ‘n tight line of leggings are my absolute favorite!!

Pink Mesh hat - I don’t know about you but… washing my hair is like an EVENT, so when I need to pop around town looking super cute I just throw this SUPER chic hat on and get on my way! The perfect accessory to dress up any athleisure outfit!

Pink Light ‘n Tight Capris - ok ladies, these are basically the FAST Track To Fit brand… #onlegdayswewearpink and THEY. FEEL. LIKE. BUTTER… hands down my most favorite legging I own. **Sizes are limited in the pink capris but I do have a stash of inventory so just message me if you want to see if I have your size!!**


Now, if you have EVER been interested in getting in a Multi-level marketing company.. you KNOW the timing in the market place is EVERYTHING. Zyia Active is just barely 1.5 years old and CRUSHING RECORDS. The residual income I receive monthly is paying for my mortgage and our car payments… NOW IS THE TIME to hop on the rocket ship because Zyia is growing FAST!! You can click HERE to read my blog post with more info OR click here if you’re ready to hop on the train!!

Below are a few pics of me in some of my FAVORITE pieces!

Coral ALLSTAR bra; Black pocket light ‘n tight capris (linked above)

Coral ALLSTAR bra; Black pocket light ‘n tight capris (linked above)

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