Low Carb Meal Ideas

Low Carb Meal Ideas

While one of the *major* perks of following The Fitt Cycle Program is the inclusion of high-carb days (yay, bread!), the low-carb days can be, well, a little less exciting. 


If you’re used to munching on carb-heavy snacks or having some sort of bread with every meal, transitioning to low-carb even just for a day can cause you to go into a spiral of hanger. Unless you have some deliciously filling recipes to save you. 


I’ve been carb-cycling for years now, and even though it was hard at first, I’ve found some awesome meals that not only work, but that actually make me look forward to my low-carb days. 


Egg & Veggie Scramble 


Crack a few eggs and slice up your favorite veggies for a yummy dose of protein. This meal will keep you full while also providing your body with a few servings of those necessary veggies. Here are a few I always like to include: 


  • Spinach
  • Mushrooms
  • Onions
  • Bell peppers
  • Tomatoes


Grilled Chicken With Salsa 


If you’re craving tacos, treat yourself to this low-carb alternative. After rubbing or marinating your chicken in the spices of your choice, grill them up and serve with a dollop of delicious salsa. It takes a little more time in the kitchen, but this yummy meal is always worth it. 


Steak Tips & Brussel Sprouts 


Not every low-carb dinner has to involve white meat and veggies! Make your meal special by serving up some yummy steak tips (cooked to your choosing) and some baked or broiled Brussel sprouts. 


Caprese Salad


Calling all my pasta-loving foodies out there — if you want a taste of your favorite Italian flavors, whip up a Caprese salad! With only tomato, mozzarella, olive oil, and basil as your ingredients, this delicious salad is a great low-carb dinner side or lunch option. 


Berries & Whipped Cream


Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries are a great low-carb alternative for a snack or dessert. Top a bowl of your favorites with some whipped cream, and you’ll start to look forward to your low-carb days. 

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