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AH! Such a bitter sweet moment you guys! It’s crazy to me how quickly these 6 weeks fly by during the FITT 2 CUT challenges! I am already getting FLOODED with before and after pictures from those of you who entered to win the grand prize.. and the transformations are INSANE!!! I can’t wait to share them with you!


What’s Next?

As you all know, the FITT 2 CUT was intense and it’s not meant to be long term or sustainable, literally cringing as a write that, because you all know I’m ALL ABOUT the sustainability. We took our workouts up a notch which took our energy expendature up a notch and increased our caloric deficit which is the goal when cutting. Creating a caloric deficit is what ultimately burns fat and reveals those muscles.


The best way to decrease your chances of getting burnt out on a certain way of eating is to allow yourself a mini break. So starting this weekend or even next week I’m encouraging you to take a “diet break”. Maybe take a little break from one or two of the following: tracking your macros, extra liss, fasting, or give yourself an extra rest day. I don’t mean just give up on everything you learned and gained (or lost) over that last 6 weeks, but after your little “diet break” I actually want you to INCREASE your macros just a bit. Increasing your macros after a cut has SIGNIFICANT value for your long term goal - being able to maintain a lean physique year long. This is called REVERSE DIETING. Even though we’re increasing our macros, there is a good chance you will continue to lose! If you didn’t participate in the CUT but have found yourself in a little plateau these strategies will work for you as well!


Why reverse diet?

When we go into a pretty significant caloric deficit for a while, our bodies learn to adapt at that deficit. This is where some of us might have reached a plateau or just aren’t seeing any more muscle growth. The ultimate goal will be to get up to your “maintenance calories” and kind of live there all year long until you do a cut (3 times a year with The FITT Cycle). So, how do you figure out your maintenance calories? There are a few different ways we can figure this out… but the most simple way to do this is go to My Fitness Pal, zero out your goal, set your new weight, and choose “maintenance.” Once you see that number, figure out what the difference is in the calories you were consuming on The FITT Cycle High Carb Day and your maintenance calories.

For example: If your maintenance calories are 1900 calories per day, and your goals for the CUT were set to have your calories at 1400 per day that’s a 500 calorie deficit.

You don’t want to just jump from 1400 to 1900 calories you want to gradually work your way up to the 1900 by adding 100-150 calories per day every 2 weeks depending on how you feel. This would make you starting your reverse at 1550 calories per day, with the same macro ratio I recommend in The FITT Cycle. This will help to limit fat gain while increasing calories. When you start to increase your macros you will want to keep the exact same ratio we use on High Carb Days and low carb days, you’ll just have more to work with! wahoo!! Your body and energy levels will be thanking you!

Once you get to your maintenance level I would honestly stay there until our next cut, this will give you time to ramp up your metabolism even more and see even bigger, more drastic results this fall! Stay tuned on specific dates, but there is a good chance we’ll be using the new APP!!!


Keep in mind, we’re changing our mindset out of being in DIET MODE 24/7. We’re creating a sustainable lifestyle, which means these short cycles of cutting and reversing will allow you freedom the REST of your life.


If you do decide to start your reverse, after you’ve given yourself that mini break, be sure on your daily check-ins you let me know if you’re reversing! Let me know after 2 weeks how you’re feeling and we can decide on whether to continue increasing or stay where you’re at for another 2 weeks! Please take into account your mindset here, Increasing calories is a GOOD thing and bringing you closer to your long term goal. Don’t be scared to eat more! A 100-150 calorie increase is not going to “make you fat” remember you will most likely continue to lose! Slow and steady wins the race :)


NOW!!! GO OUT AND CELEBRATE… YOU DID IT!!! I am so proud of each and every one of you and am HONORED to be on this journey with you!!!

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