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Uncategorized Jul 02, 2020

Alright, alright… If you’re new around here… WELCOME!! If you’ve been around a while you know I’m so easily influenced by those dang targeted ads. It’s like THEY KNOW I’m just dreaming about #carbs.. all day errrry day.

I feel like here recently I have been sharing a lot of items on my instagram stories and they end up disappearing after 24 hours so I wanted a place I could refer y’all over and over again!


Most of these items were literally me just going down a social media rabbit hole and as you know I never recommend anything I don’t personally BUY myself over and over again so… here we go! oh… and there is a good chance most of these items can be found on Amazon as well.. OF COURSE! (p.s - everything in pink is hyperlinked to the company’s website for easy access :) )

  • Oats Over Night - These have been a time management GAME CHANGER for me. In The FITT Cycle cook books and free meal plans I use the Protein oats a TON to break my fast on High Carb days. Well now with the Oats Overnight you can literally make them the night before (in their FREE shaker bottle that comes with your purchase). Such an easy grab and go option if you’re in a hurry in the morning. The way that I personally like to have my oats is hot, so I just empty the package into a bowl, cover it with a LOT of water (like more than you would think) put it in the microwave for 1.5 minutes and voila… over 25g of protein and 35g of carbs in ONE meal!! Oh and did a mention they are made with plant based protein AND are gluten free… holy heck! DONE and DONE!

  • Daily Harvest Smoothies - I go through phases with these smoothies but NOT because I don’t enjoy them.. solely because I run out of room in my refrigerator for all the frozenness! These smoothies are AMAZING!! I was a little skeptical at first because I’m not really a green smoothie kinda gal… or superfood connoisseur but these have me hooked!! I absolutely love that all the ingredients that are in the smoothie are written on the side of the cup… no crazy ingredients, no added sugar, no gluten, dairy free, ALL THE THINGS HEALTH!! I also love that all you have to do is dump the ingredients that come in the cup into a blender, add some nut milk, and BLEND! The only downside (which isn’t even a big deal) is that the cups as provided don’t come with a lot of protein.. so what I typically do is add some collagen peptides if I don’t want to altar the flavor OR add in my vegan vanilla protein.. SUCH an easy fix!! Oh and the other thing… this automatically sets you up for a weekly subscription so be sure to go into your account and adjust when you want them delivered.. It’s SUPER easy and you can skip weeks and even pause your account entirely if you need a little break!

  • Outer Isle Cauliflower Thins - Holy Heck! I could go ON and ON about these! You can literally have them for either High Carb or Low Carb days and not feel like you miss the bread. One of my (and my husband’s) favorite meals that I make with these are Tostadas! All I do is throw them in the air fryer for about 8-10 minutes or until they’re crispy and they are GOLDEN… literally ;) Top with some fat free refried beans, taco meat, cilantro, pico, and jalepenos… and OHHH mamacita!!! SO GOOD!! They also have Pizza crusts that are TO. DIE. FOR.

  • Two Good Greek Yogurt - So I know I technically didn’t get targeted with this one BUT I did see someone talking about it on instagram and was SOLD - Like all my little yogurt dreams came true!! I have been searching for a high protein, low fat, low sugar greek yogurt option for FOREVER and finally stumbled upon these little gems of goodness!! My favorite is the vanilla with some PB FIT mixed in with a tablespoon of chocolate chips… #PMSsnacks. My mother in law just shared with me that my favorite NON DAIRY brand, Kite Hill, also has a greek yogurt with only 2g of sugar!! So I can’t wait to try that and let you know how it is!!

Ok, I know that doesn’t seem like much, but let me just tell ya… I have tried a TON of others that you may or may not have seen me chat about on insta and they just didn’t make the cut.. whether it’s ingredients, flavor, price, etc.

A few things that I’m looking for when I look at ingredients/macros are whether or not the item contains any dyes… it’ll look something like RED40 or BLUE40. These dyes are said to be extremely inflammatory to our bodies so I try to limit as much as possible — I see it a lot in things with SPRINKLES or any color at all! SO beware! When it comes to my macros and my snacks I either want it to have ALOT of carbs and minimal fat (like the oats over night), minimal macros all together (outer isle), or HIGH protein and low carb/fat - that way if I’m short on protein but on point with my carbs and fats, I can grab my go to snack! :)

What are some of your favorite snacks that you’ve found?! Let me know in the comments or just message me ! Can’t wait to hear from you!

In good health,

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