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How many times when you see a red velvet cake, your favorite donut, or decide to go for the THIRD scoop of ice cream on your ice cream cone do you say YOLO, betches!!! Trust me, I’m not here to make you feel bad because I have totally been there but a lot of times the YOLO mentality leads us into a YO-YO lifestyle. I’m here to challenge you to think of the word “YOLO” for what it really means.. You Only Live Once… you only get one life and one body… so treat her right!!

If you are someone who goes from diet to diet, fad to fad, looking for that quick fix… you are doing your body and mentality a terrible disservice. Quick fixes are just going to lead to down a black hole of restriction, binging, feeling guilty, and most likely weight gain!

The best thing for you is to find a program that is going to be sustainable for the long term and one that allows you to have the foods you love when it’s worth it.

Most of these “quick fix fads” are leading you to excessive caloric restriction which not only is damaging to your adrenals and hormones but it’s just inflicting on your quality of life. I mean who wants to wake up and take 17 “weight loss” pills or only drink 3 shakes a day?! Not this girl!! But, to be honest… I WAS that girl. I literally have tried everything and would only stick to a quick fix for a couple weeks, because it didn’t happen fast enough!! Which segues into my next point…

You’ve got to have the #progressnotperfection mindset. Slow and steady wins the race!! It may sound cliché, but it is SO TRUE. Think about it.. how many times have you tried a diet that promises you will lose x amount of weight in 1 week or 21 days?? #guilty… and how many of those times have you gained the weight right back when the program was over?! #guiltyagain That’s because they just don’t work.

You also need to make sure you find a program or routine that you enjoy. I have so many ladies come to me wanting to try my fat loss bootcamps for the nutrition portion but want to continue going to Orange Theory or Purebarre.. which is completely fine, because that is what they enjoy to do, and that’s what is going to keep them motivated and moving towards progress. I also help them figure out how to strategically match those boutique fitness classes with my carb cycle to take their results to the next level.

Last, but certainly not least, please make sure – whatever program or routine you decide to do – that you are eating enough. I recommend downloading My Fitness Pal and log one full day of eating… and see how much or how little you actually are eating. This is major! Most of my ladies, and even myself when I started tracking my macros, find that they are eating significantly less than what they are supposed to be eating. THIS IS WHAT IS DAMAGING YOUR METABOLISM!! Your body is an amazing machine, and God made it that way! It is mean to survive, so if you are restricting your calories to obscene levels, your body is going to learn how to use less energy (kcals) to sustain function.. which means you are not burning as many calories as you should!! In order to amp up your metabolism into a fat burning furnace, you HAVE to make sure that you are eating enough food.

YOLO, so change your mentality away from quick fixes, create a sustainable lifestyle, find a program that you enjoy, and make sure you are EATING!!

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