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The ONE mistake You are making everytime you wake up!

Ok, before I dive into this truth bomb.. I’m going to need you to thoroughly prepare yourself. There is a good chance that your mind WILL. BE. BLOWN at the fact that everyday for the last.. what? 20+ years that you have been alive.. you have been doing something daily to sabotage your wellness goals.

I’m dead serious!! This is hands down one of the TOP reasons you always feel tired, can’t tone up, burn fat, lose weight, or even lose those last 5-10 pounds!

So, are you sitting down? The one mistake you have been making, every time you wake up.. is eating breakfast!!!

Now wait a minute, before I lose you, because I LOVE breakfast.. and when I first heard something like that I was like “ok, this girl is CRAY-Z!!” I was definitely one of those people that felt like I was following #alltherules to keep my metabolism up and burning… so I thought! Eating as soon as I woke up was one of them! Remember, when “people” (yes I put them in quotation marks… because who even decided this revved up your metabolism anyway?), told us as a society we need to eat as soon as your feet hit the floor in the am?! Well news flash! that is a MYTH!!! When you really dive into the science and anatomy of your body and how/when it metabolizes food for energy — you really start to see where I’m coming from!


Here’s the deal. Every time you eat your body’s blood sugar will increase and in order for your body to maintain is beloved homeostasis, it will release a hormone called insulin to counteract the spike in blood sugar. AT ANY POINT that insulin is in your bloodstream.. it is extremely difficult to burn fat. It’s like the antithesis of fat burn. So I'm just going to let that soak in for a minute.


Insulin stays in our body for 8-12 hours after you have your last meal… so let’s say your last meal is at 8pm and you wake up at 6am and have breakfast.. your body was JUST ABOUT to get into that fat burning zone… aaaaand then you spiked your blood sugar again and most LIKELY began eating every 2 hours.. which means you again are spiking your blood sugar and releasing insulin every 2 hours into your body. ya’ll.. this is all science. It is not my opinion.

So, the number one mistake you are making every time you wake up is thinking you need to eat breakfast.

“Intermittent fasting reduces inflammation in the body, and inflammation is a big driver of weight gain. Additionally, glucose metabolism gets better and insulin sensitivity increases when you fast.” -Dr. Mark Hyman

I challenge you to be aware of when you stopped eating the night before and try to not “break your fast” for 16 hours after that time. If you stopped eating at 6pm.. break your fast at 10am the next day. If 16 hour is too hard, start small. If you are used to eating at 6am, push it until 7am, then 8am, etc. until you reach your 16 hour goal! I promise you, this is a secret weapon that leads to increased energy, productivity, fat burn, and sleep quality!

Hey and by the time you’ve hit that 16th hour… guess what?! You just participated in intermittent fasting! Intermittent Fasting is one of the MAIN tools we utilize in the FAST Track To Fit to maintain a sustainable lifestyle, it is also the first thing I mention when someone comes to me asking what they should be doing…. you should STOP EATING right when you wake up!! That simple!!

Now, It is possible to intermittent fast incorrectly which can contribute to having a negative impact on other hormones, so I recommend beginning through the guidance of a professional. Lucky for you, I have this all laid out in the FITT Cycle App, explaining to you DAILY exactly how to fast depending on what your goals are! You can start your FREE 7 day trial HERE if you want to start implementing these strategies correctly. If you need a little more guidance, download a FREE guide to intermittent fasting by clicking HERE.

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