3 simple, easy-to-follow meal prepping routines

3 Simple, Easy-To-Follow Meal Prepping Routines

meal prep nutrition tips Sep 06, 2020

When I ask my clients why they haven’t been able to stick with a healthy nutrition plan, many of them blame it on meal prepping.

Cooking healthy meals is too hard!

Figuring out what to eat to fit my macros takes SO much time!

It’s just easier to grab and go.

Meal prepping is one of those things that seems a lot harder than it actually is. In fact, when done correctly, meal prepping can save you time. The trick is having a routine that you stick to every week and to follow this golden rule:

Stick to the same 1-2 meals for each mealtime.

That means you eat pretty much the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. Boring? Maybe. Effective? Absolutely.

Need some meal prep ideas? Below are three of my favorites!


Sunday Funday

This might have a slightly different meaning than your average Sunday Funday (though you’re welcome to enjoy an adult beverage while you meal prep), but prepping your meals on Sunday is a classic for a reason. Many people don’t have work that day, so they have extra time, and it’s often the same day you get your groceries.

Once you’ve planned out your meals, spend an hour or two prepping any and everything you can. That means slicing up fruit, cooking meat and even putting together lunches for the week.


Utilize Leftovers

Does the idea of making 5-7 lunches every week sound a little much? Then skip it!

Instead of creating a whole other meal for your lunches, just make enough dinner to enjoy leftovers for lunch the next day. Viola! Problem solved, and hours saved.


Break It Up

While it seems like every fitness blogger and influencer meal preps once a week, there are plenty who have found it’s easier to break it up to twice a week. Block off an hour in your calendar on Sunday and Wednesday (or any other days that fit your schedule better) and prep enough food for meals for the next 3-4 days.

You can also double recipes on the nights you do cook to have extra meals to put in the freezer. Future you will thank you!  

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