Creative Ways To Increase Steps

Creative Ways To Get More Steps In

Getting 10,000 steps in every day seems like an easy task — until you try to do it. With modern life keeping us chained to our desks for work and our couches for relaxation, humans are walking so much less than we used to. 


So if you’re struggling to get your steps in, or if you’re just looking for more creative ways to make your everyday lifestyle more active, try one of these ideas. 


Park Far Away 


Whether you’re grocery shopping or meeting friends out for a drink, try to park farther than you normally would. This alone will increase your steps and activity throughout the day. 


Never Take The Elevator


Unless it’s your only option. If you can take the stairs, do it. Your legs (and booty) will thank you. 


Don’t Take Calls Sitting Down


If you love to talk on the phone with friends or you’re on a lot of conference calls, use that time to get your steps in! Just be sure to have that mute button ready if you’re walking in an area with a lot of noise. 


Take A Post-Meal Walk


Instead of relaxing after a big meal, walk it off. Going for a walk after every meal will get your body regulated and help you better digest your food.


Set An Alarm


Set an alarm or reminder in your phone every 1-2 hours to get up and take a 10-15 minute walk. You can use this time to listen to podcasts, make some calls or just relax. 


Replace Your Social Media


How many times throughout the day do you check Instagram? I’d venture to guess that it’s a lot. Make the most of your scrolling by getting up to walk every time you open your favorite social media app, and your time will be better spent getting your steps in. 


Have any other fun ways you’ve been hitting 10K every day? Comment below and let us know! 

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